Special Session I:  “Estimation and Control of Complex System”

Organized by:
Jun Huang, Soochow University, China
Yuan Sun, Soochow University, China
Junfeng Zhang, Hainan University, China

With the rapid development of control theory and the improvement of the complexity of system structure, new challenges are presented to the existing control theory and methods. Many interesting results have been achieved in estimation and control protocol design for practical systems such as multi-agent systems, cyber-physical systems, Euler-Lagrange systems and so on.
The purpose of this invited session is to solicit recent achievements of estimation and control theory for complex engineering systems so as to further improve and develop the theoretical design methods for complex industrial system modeling and optimization, and promote the development level of informatization and automation of industrial systems. 
We invite the authors to submit original research articles in complex systems obtained from modelling, analysis, control and simulation ranging from applied mathematics and control engineering to signal processing, even ecology and society systems, where complex system modelling has found successful applications.

Please submit your manuscript via Online Submission System and choose Special Session I:  “Estimation and Control of Complex System”.