Special Session V:  “Advanced Fault-Tolerant Control and PHM Techniques for Industrial Systems”

Organized by:
Chun Liu, Shanghai University
Xiuli Wang, Zhejiang University of Technology
Yang Li, Shanghai University

With the increasing interest of industrial systems, they have been widely applied in various areas such as aerospace, intelligent energy, transport, etc., and the safety and reliability of industrial face challenges. The research on advanced fault-tolerant control and prognostics and health management (PHM) methodologies to ensure the performance of industrial systems (cyber-physical systems and autonomous systems) in fault scenarios is significantly necessary and important.
This session aims to present the most recent developments in fault-tolerant control and PHM theories and applications that have highly impacted the engineering of industrial systems. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, distributed fault-tolerant control for multi-agent systems, control and estimation for intelligent networked systems, event-triggered control for industrial systems, intelligent networked systems under cyber attack, and the utilization of sensing technologies, cloud-fog-edge computing, and AI (machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning, etc.) to explore PHM problems in complex industrial systems.

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